Healthy Snack Vending Machines!

Nowadays, more and more people are starting to eat better and more heart healthy. Still, there are people out there that while they do eat healthy usually, tend to eat junk food in these vending machines. They don’t necessarily like it, but hey when you are hungry you are hungry. This could be a really cool opportunity for someone who is in the vending machine business or is a vending machine manufacture because once you own the machine you can essentially place whatever items in it that you want. You could talk to a few corporate offices around the city, and see if they would allow you to rent a space for these snack vending machines – minus the bad food.

Instead, you could offer drink vending machines that have healthy drinks such as vitamin water, water, Gatorade, soy products, etc. And you could offer food items as well such as veggies, salads, yogurt, certain kinds of nuts like almonds – or pretty much whatever you want. Some other ideas – health bars, V8 juices, Snack Wells “desserts” (half the calories), Act II popcorn as well as various kinds of juices like guava, mango, peach, apple, grape, etc.

Now is the time to go from being a soda vending machine person to a healthy vending machine person because in this day and age, you can finally get away with something as “odd” as carrots and dip. I doubt this would be the case as little as four years ago, don’t you think?!?