U-Select-It Launches Redesigned Website Part 3: Equipment Features and Options


When redesigning USelectIt.com our goal was to be intentional with how we communicated information to our visitors. A website can be packed full of useful and interesting information but if that information is not communicated in an organized and appealing manner, the website fails in engaging and ultimately informing the visitor.

In order to provide a media rich, engaging experience for our customers our strategy is to ‘show’ our customers the unique features and options of our equipment through short videos and vivid graphics, rather than ‘telling’ them about the equipment features and options via lengthy technical descriptions.  

USI’s equipment boasts a large number of features and options that separates our equipment from other manufacturers. And through the new website, we intend to show you why we are a leader in the vending industry.  Showcased on the new site, some highlights of our equipment’s Features and Options include:

Within Consumer Interfaces watch our 10.1” iCart Touch Screen with Flex Control Board in action. The touch screen allows vending machine customers to add multiple items to their cart, browse different product categories, and view nutritional information before purchasing.

Also within Consumer Interfaces, the inDEX Product Planogram and Information Management Utility shows how operators can easily manage the product information displayed on the touchscreen. The short demo video shows setting up a machine planogram and how useful the inDex feature can be. Our inDex software maintains a comprehensive library and global database access. Plus, it can be used to display product promotions such as combo special offers.

At USI, we connect people with machines through technology.  This includes making it as easy as possible for customers to pay for product(s) from our machines. The Payment Systems, shows how simple it is for customers to make a purchase using almost any type of payment method from traditional coin and bills to credit/debit card and mobile payments.

For example, USI’s Greenlite Cashless Payment System transmits payment from credit/debit cards and Apple/Android phones. And our machines are capable of using PayRange, a simple and secure mobile app that utilizes Bluetooth technology to assist customers with their vending purchases.  In fact, our FLEX control board has PayRange integrated into the board itself saving operators money and time by not have to purchase and install the PayRange BluKey device into their machines.

An important part to our success is our Quality and Service. All our machines are manufactured in the U.S.A. We also are here to support our customers long after their purchase by offering a Two (2) Year Limited Parts Warranty and lifetime toll-free technical support. In this section visitors can find out more about what makes USI unique including getting a glimpse into our manufacturing facility.

Be sure to check out our new website – USelectIt.com – to see our equipment and all of its unique features in action!  Also, be on the lookout for the soon to be released Part 4 blog about the redesigned website featuring new interactive on-site tools and resources.  If you missed Parts 1 and 2 ‘U-Select-It Launches Redesigned Website’ series be sure to check them out today – Part 1: ADA Compliance / Web Accessibility and Part 2: Customer Experience.