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“We used to vend for your grandpa”

Sometimes, vending machines can be life saving. You don’t know what I’m capable of when I need sugar and there’s no sugar to be found!

Think about when life catches you unprepared and without a snack, and maybe then you’ll understand how much you owe to vending machines. I know I do.

And it’s not only me. It’s the entire Western Hemisphere. Really! Ask U-Select-It. These guys ship tons of vending machines throughout North America, South America, Mexico, and Canada.

Yup, U-Select-It offers 78 years (78 years! They used to vend for your grandpa…) of manufacturing and vending machine industry expertise to all of our customers.

When you choose U-Select-It as your vending supplier, you know that the equipment is designed, engineered and fabricated to meet strict standards of quality for years of long and profitable service.

Be it traditional or non-traditional snack, food, coffee, or drink vending machines, USI works with you to develop innovative equipment solutions, financing programs that meet your needs, management systems leading the industry with vending programs to maximize profits for any size location.

So go ahead, visit our website at www.uselectit.com and don’t forget to check out this blog for updates, news and cool vending tips.