What are the Benefits of Snack Vending Machines in School?

It used to be that schools always had vending machines – everything from drinks to food. Nowadays though, this is becoming quite the problem amongst parents and nutritionists alike because a lot of the foods, if not ALL the foods in these snack vending machines and drink vending machines contain junk food. This where compromise comes in while school officials and parents now will let schools have these vending machines, but only if they go for a more healthful approach. This is understandable, a lot of kids either aren’t allowed to have sugars and sweets because of health problems, or simply because their parents don’t want them to eat those kinds of foods.

So now they try to do a more healthy approach with things like water instead of cola, and veggies instead of chips. Some school zones are choosing to stock their vending machines only with items such as H2O, fruit juice, healthy nuts such as almonds, crackers and cheese. In Rhode Island for example, Stonyfield Farm is sponsoring an organic, low-fat project in which some schools provide only cheese, heart-healthy yogurt and milk. I have a big rule about convenience food. If you have cheeseburgers and candy available – people are going to eat them simply because they are there.

But alas the same goes for veggies and fruits as well. So while vending machine manufacturer may be wondering if they are still going to make a nice income from these schools, the answer is probably going to be yes. Whether you are looking for vending machines for sale to sell health food in, candy, or just about anything else – visit our website now to find some of the best and quality vending machines on the market.