U-Select-It Launches Redesigned Website Part 1: ADA Compliance

U-Select-It is excited to begin 2019 with a customer-focused redesigned website with enhanced design and navigation. The redesigned website is mobile-friendly and ADA-compliant featuring improved functionality and enriched content for visitors to learn more about U-Select-It, our equipment and services, as well as access interactive tools such as the Equipment

Vending Machines Promote Recycling in China

The concept of “reverse vending machines” is making waves throughout a variety of different communities, most notably in China. In Beijing, commuters have begun using these reverse vending machines to offset the costs normally associated with public transportation. By placing plastic bottles into a specifically designed machine, they are then

Herr’s Showcases New Healthy Snack

If you operate your own snack vending machine, you should be looking for two things: Delicious treats and healthy foods. Fortunately, thanks to the latest chip selection coming from the iconic Herr’s brand, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both. As shown off on Vending Marketwatch, Herr Foods

Vending Machines For Hospitals

Hospitals do a lot of good things for people. But the environment can be stressful for visitors. Family and friends may be asked to wait around for hours during a surgery or resting hours. And with their loved ones going through serious treatment, nerves are on edge. What hospitals provide

The Youth Love Vending Machines

A recent study conducted by the National Automatic Merchandising Association, a trade group dedicated to vending machine manufacturers and proprietors, has some great news about enthusiasm over vending machines. It turns out 85% of people ages 18 through 29 years old would actually prefer a vending machine to other retail options.

Vending Machines For Portion Control

My stomach is full of regret. It is like this every time I go out and get a big high calorie lunch. We all deserve a treat every now and again but the amount of trouble I just shoved into my insides in the name of “treating myself” is horrible

A Vending Machine Creates Office Harmony

No one performs well when hungry. If your blood sugar is low, you are not working to your full potential and you are not being a fully effective employee. Therefore, by investing in a vending machine, your company is actually investing in office productivity. With access to a vending machine,